Easy 30 Second Routine “Just Happens” To Melt 79lb of Belly Fat…


If you don't lose at least 35 pounds in the next month, you're going to die...

I still remember that scene vividly…

Dr Stevens slowly walking out the door after delivering this devastating news…

I turned to look at my wife Samantha…

And saw the look of death on her face…

You could see the fear in her eyes…

As hot tears started streaming down her cheeks…

That’s when she finally came to the realization that her weight was going to kill her…

My name is Adam Johnson.

I’m a university academic and researcher specializing in human physiology and life sciences.

Let me tell you the true story about my family’s struggle battling the weight loss demon that nearly tore us apart and killed my wife.

If you’re a man or woman above the age of 40 and want to lose at least 20 pounds quickly and effortlessly, then pay very close attention…

Because I’m going to reveal to you a shockingly fast 30 second weight loss routine that will force your body to easily and automatically lose targeted belly fat…

This is not some fad diet, and I’m not going to put you on food restrictions…

This is not some exercise program, and I’m not asking you to work out or do a single ab crunch…

This does not require you to take weight loss pills, injections or resort to surgery.

This is much simpler and easier than you think.

I know right now this might sound a too good to be true…

But if you just suspend your disbelief for a few minutes, I will prove beyond all reasonable doubt that this can also work for you.

Why am I so confident?

Because without it, right now, my family would be mourning the death of my wife from health conditions related to her weight…

But instead, she is now trimmer and sexier than ever before.

Using this, she beat type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure…

Now at age 47 and after 3 kids, my wife Samantha, is fitter, more vibrant and has the flattest stomach she’s ever had.

And that was just the start...

Since then, in the past 2 years alone this easy 30 second weight loss routine has also transformed the lives of thousands of overweight men and women worldwide…

Making them on average lose at least 45 pounds in less than a month.

That’s averaging at least 2 lbs. a day.

And many of them have also reversed their diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other weight related illnesses…

In fact, here’s what some of them actually look like.

Take a look at how good Irene from Georgia looks after losing a whopping 113 lbs!

She went from 290lbs at her peak to 177lbs now.

She shredded several inches offer her waist and thighs, giving her the confidence to finally wear yoga pants to show off her now sexy body.

Then there’s Simon from Mexico.

He was close to 500 lbs at his peak!

He struggled with health problems and his weight nearly caused his divorce and had been hospitalized several times because of his obesity…

But luckily, that was a thing of the past. In just a mere matter of months he has lost nearly 200 lbs without much effort or exercise using this amazing system.

Or how about Carla from Detroit.

Carla used this 30 second simple routine and dropped 35 pounds in a matter of weeks.

She’s now more confident and vibrant than ever.

In fact, she couldn’t be happier now, and the best new is because of her weight loss efforts, she’s now happily engaged and soon to be married!

And then there’s Dale a businessman from California.

He lost over 100lbs in 3 months using this simple yet effective system.

Now, at the age of 55 is now fitter, healthier and more handsome than he was at the age of 30!

In fact, he’s now wearing suits that he bought 20 years ago!

• It doesn’t matter if you want to lose a few extra pounds, or..

• It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, because it works just as well for men and women from their 20s to their 70s…

• In fact, it works especially well for you if you’re 40 years old or older…

• It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been overweight for…

• And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of spare time, because all it takes is just 30 seconds…

The best thing is, this 30 second routine will transform your body at the core level so that you’ll be naturally losing weight, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… even while you sleep.

Once you try this, your body will physiologically change at the cellular level, so not only will you feel 20 years younger, but you’ll experience mental clarity like never before.

So if you’re serious about melting targeted belly fat, automatically and effortlessly, while optimizing your body to its peak level…

Then pay very close attention, because this presentation will absolutely change your life…

It’s almost unbelievable to think that my wife was told she was about to die less than 2 years ago...

As the doctor turned to walked out of the room.

I could hot tears streaming down my wife’s rosy red cheeks…

She was so pale and hands were so cold it felt like she had already died.

She started to sob while grabbing a fistful her own belly fat that was slowly killing her…

“I hate myself, I hate myself, I hate myself” she kept on screaming while pinching the fat rolls on her stomach.

I turned to hug her to calm her fears…

I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

Because that was the day that changed everything.

The problems started 7 years ago…

Samantha, my wife was a pre-school teacher and part time model before I married her.

Even after giving birth to three beautiful children...

She always made it a point to keep in shape…

But what started initially as a simple case of mild “runner’s knees” …

Resulted in long lasting chronic pain that caused her to be bed ridden and temporarily disabled.

Each and every year her knee problems progressively went from bad to worse…

And as her knee deteriorated, she became less active and more depressed…

Don’t get me wrong.

This wasn’t her fault.

Because of her knee problem, she couldn’t move around easily so exercise was out of the question…

And just like that the weight kept on piling on.

It went from bad to worse.

Then from worse to close to divorce.

Eventually my happy, healthy, positive and sexy wife, gradually transformed into an overweight gloomy, sad, depressed and suicidal person…

And this misery seeped into our once loving relationship.

Turning her into a woman I hardly recognized.

Both physically and emotionally.

I barely remember what her smile looked like because we were now constantly fighting so much…

Now instead of morning kisses, she’d wake up with a bad mood and start arguments over things so small I don’t even care to remember.

As the weight kept piling on, so did the medical bills and costs associated with it.

I must admit, after 7 years of nonstop misery I was exhausted…

I didn’t know that it could possibly get any worse.

Until it did.

At 5 foot 6 inches my wife was close to 209 lbs.

And because of her weight, she suddenly collapsed one Sunday morning just as we were preparing to go to Church.

That’s when we rushed her to the hospital.

“I’m sorry Ms Johnson, your BMI is close to 40 and your blood pressure is 160/100… given your family’s history of heart disease and diabetes, if you don't lose at least 35 pounds in the next month, it’s unlikely you’re going to see your son’s 18th birthday.”

Those were the final words Dr Stevens said as he slowly walked out of the cold and damp hospital room.

Samantha didn’t take this very well.

She was so pale it looked like she had already died.

She laid back on the hospital bed, crying uncontrollably.

I didn’t know what to do or say, so I held her tight and we cried ourselves into sleep…

The next day, she insisted to get lap-band surgery.

Lap band surgery is a risky and expensive invasive procedure that involves surgically implanting an adjustable band around the stomach pouch to limit the amount of food intake.

I was strongly against this, but Samantha had made up her mind.

She insisted for the surgery be scheduled in just 8 weeks.

That night, our youngest son Jacob who was 16, came to stay the night in hospital. My wife hugged him and sobbed.

“God, please help me,” she said. “I want to see Jacob turn 18.”

A miracle was what our family needed at this stage.

At 2 am in the morning, as I sat beside her hospital bed staring blankly at the wall, wondering what I could do in the next 8 weeks to save my wife from surgery…

Visions of the worst case “what if” scenarios started replaying in my mind…

What if this was the last time I’d see my wife alive?

What if the lap band surgery failed?

What if she actually passed away?

I couldn’t bear the fact that my beautiful wife, the woman that I had vowed to protect, the woman that I had shared my life with, the mother of my 3 children might possibly be slipping away from me forever…

But would this lap band surgery really help?

It’s not like we didn’t already try everything we could do in her physical state to reduce her weight problems…

She’d starved herself to death, going from one diet to the next…

She also tried Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Paleo and calorie counting…

Because of her mobility problems, we had to resort to swimming and intensive cardio water exercise routines that caused her more pain…

After all of that failed, Samantha tried using various diet pills that promised “a slimmer waist in 10 days,” or some such thing…

But nothing gave her real, lasting results.

The final diet pills she tried, which we got from some infomercial just gave her explosive diarrhea!

All the years of trying to lose weight was all in vain…

It brought nothing but stress to our relationship and heartache…

Her struggle to lose weight had not only made her physically unhealthy.

She was also emotionally drained.

And this made me even more ashamed and helpless.

I was an academic by profession, so researching for solutions to problems in theory was my specialty.

But extreme rapid weight loss in a short period of time wasn’t in my field of expertise.

I knew I couldn’t do this alone and had to seek guidance from a higher power.

So I got down on my knees and started to pray on the cold hospital floor.

I prayed and prayed as long and as hard as I could…

After a while, I didn’t know what it was.

Maybe it was God answering my prayer?

But after praying I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calm that gave me the confidence to deal with this problem.

I was determined to get this solved before her surgery in 8 weeks.

My solution required three simple things.

1. One, burn off weight fast with a method that didn’t involve strenuous exercise.

2. Two, lose at least 35 pounds within 30 days.

3. Three, keep the unwanted flab off for good.

And that was what eventually led me to discover this Easy 30 Second Routine that helped my wife reach her weight loss goals faster than anything we thought possible – without having her to do ANY exercise.

You see, after 14 days of frustrating research and going in circles, I stumbled across a post in a bodybuilding forum.

They were talking about the techniques that professional bodybuilders use before a competition to gain an advantage just days before their tournament.

They claimed that weight manipulation, if done right, actually enabled them to lose as much as 30 pounds in five days.

That’s losing a staggering six pounds a day – without any additional exercise.

The problem was, losing that much weight, that quickly, often resulted in severe negative side effects.

But what if I was looking to get less extreme results, and instead of losing six pounds a day …a person could lose, let’s say one or two pounds a day… with zero side effects?

I decided to consult with the university fitness coach to verify this information.

He confirmed that it was possible.

But I still had doubts.

And I was getting desperate and willing to try anything to save my wife.

So I asked the fitness coach for the weight manipulation program he’d give his own students…

And over the course of the week I started to test and try this method...

Within just a few days it started to work.

I was shocked to find out I was actually two pounds lighter than I was the day before.

I almost couldn’t believe it. I wanted to be sure, so I continued to experiment…

And one week later, I had lost 14 pounds.

Although it wasn’t as impressive as losing six pounds a day, I was able to safely and quickly lose two pounds overnight, each and every night, with zero exercise and no side effects.

I was thrilled, but there was one other small problem...

You see, in the short term, using this method was effective.

But it wasn’t sustainable for the long term.

That’s when a fellow professor shared with me something amazing I had never realized.

I want you to take a look at the rate of obesity map across the world.

The darker the shade of red, the more obese people there are in that nation.

The greenish color means that there is a very low proportion of people who suffer from obesity in that country.

Grey indicates that there’s not enough data.

Since you’re probably in a first-world country, let’s limit our discussion to only the first world nations.

Take a good look at the map and I bet you see a pattern…

Almost all the western developed first world nations are either red or dark red, such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and most of Europe as well…

This indicates high rates of obesity in these parts of the world.

But notice that China, Japan and Korea are all green. This means these countries have almost no obesity at all.

Why is this the case?

At first I thought maybe Caucasian/European people were genetically more prone to obesity.

But I discovered this was false, because only in the last 50 years has the Western world started to develop an obesity epidemic.

If genes were a factor, then this would have been a problem throughout history, and not just appear over the past five decades.

Maybe it’s because of lifestyle factors then?

But that was also not the case.

China, Japan and Korea have all become westernized, which means most of them were just like us sitting in an office working 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Furthermore, a recent survey revealed that people from these Asian countries exercised even less than the average Westerner.

So what was their secret then?

Did they have some “magic weight loss water” that they kept to themselves or something?

It became my mission to find an answer to this question. I emailed a few colleagues and professors for help.

I then started searching through academic health databases, reading through hundreds of peer reviewed medical journals and papers.

Throughout this journey I looked at the following:

  • What were the real cause of obesity in the West?
  • What are factoids and how they relate to weight loss.
  • How body fat actually gets stored and builds up inside the body.
  • How hormone production regulates weight loss.
  • The difference between brown and white fat cells.
  • How gut microbiome affects your weight.
  • Why the modern western diet is bad for weight loss.
  • The truth about sugar and calorie counting.
  • The impact of artificial sweeteners on weight.
  • The solution to stop addictive cravings.
  • How to effectively regulate your metabolism.

Due to time considerations I won’t continue to list what I studied, but what I showed you above was less than 10% of what I covered. So you can imagine it was very extensive

It was only after two more weeks of relentless research with the help of various other professors, I eventually discovered the secret…the answer to why Asians in general are able to maintain a figure that is slim, fit and trim…

And when I combined this secret with the bodybuilding technique I mentioned earlier…the one weird trick that makes you lose two pounds overnight…

That’s when I knew I finally had the solution to not only burning belly fat the fast and easy way…

But also keeping it off, permanently.

Without the need for any special exercises…

With no side effects…

Without going on a diet…

In fact, it was so simple you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw the undeniable scientific research that supported its effectiveness.

And all it took was 30 seconds to drink this delicious Flat Belly Slim Shake once a day in the evening to start losing weight.

My wife was scheduled to go under the knife in less than a month.

Things were getting desperate for us now…

So I despite my wife being skeptical, I convinced her to give this Flat Belly Slim Shake a shot…

After all, it’d only take her 30 seconds to drink it.

I actually remembered that she pinched her nose and closed her eyes in anticipation for the “awful taste” she was expecting…

Instead a full glowing smile overcome her face.

She said it tasted great, better than a normal milk shake.

But you see, this was no ordinary milk shake…

This was a one of a kind amazing Flat Belly Slim Shake that would prove to change our lives forever.

Over the next few weeks, every evening at 6pm, she’d gulp down my slim shake that just took 30 seconds to drink…

And like a miracle I had prayed for, things started to improve:

• Her cheeks became redder and skin became clearer.

• Her hair grew thicker and shinier.

• Her mood, energy level, and overall happiness shot up like a rocket.

Within two short thrilling weeks, my wife lost more than 40 pounds and we could see the transformation happening daily right in front of me.

I will never forget the day when she ran to me crying…

Her previous “fat pants” were sliding off her waist in a way it hadn’t done in years…

It was astonishing watching the belly fat on her stomach literally melt away from her body in just a few short weeks…

We were so excited; we were actually looking forward to the next doctor’s appointment.

Because by this time, she’d lost nearly 65 pounds…

When the doctor saw what Samantha looked like, his jaw nearly dropped.

He looked at her lab results and was so surprised he had to check it twice.

Then he flicked through her files again, slowly…

“Interesting” he said, closing Samantha’s file. “Well it appears all your vital readings are back to normal...but in order to be sure, I want you to come back in a few days. I just want to make sure there’s nothing wrong.”

And sure enough, she aced that test, too...

That's When The Doctor Gave Us The Good News!

“Well, I’m glad to say that I can no longer detect any symptoms of hypertension or diabetes anymore. Your blood pressure readings are 111/75. I don’t see any problems with your blood sugar, or your LDL cholesterol levels...”

And immediately as soon as we left the clinic, we cancelled her appointment for her lap band surgery.

Over the next few weeks my home life was improving, and every evening Samantha would drink her slim shake as the pounds on her continued to drop.

One day I got back from work and I saw her doing yoga in the living room wearing nothing but a tank top and skin tight leggings.

I must admit, she hadn’t worn that sexy outfit that proudly displayed her smooth, sculpted and flat belly in years…

That’s when she turned around and gave me a seductive look and said.

“The kids have all left for the weekend”.

I couldn’t resist myself as I grabbed her by the waist.

She then pressed my hand against her now tight, toned belly and proudly pushed them up and down her stomach.

That night was one of the most passionate nights we’ve had in our marriage in a long time.

Now put yourself in our shoes and picture that moment…

When you finally realize that the “real you” is no longer covered by layers of fat around your belly…

When you finally realize that all the shame, heartache and guilt caused from being overweight is now a thing of the past…

When you finally realize that your family is no longer under the threat of weight related medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Disease…

What would it feel like to you...?

To know that you can end all of these problems, just by using a Flat Belly Slim Shake that takes 30 seconds to consume each evening …

That has proven itself to work for thousands of men and women, by targeting and melting off your belly flab…

And remember, this is incredibly easy to do, because this isn’t about dieting, or working out…

It’s not about depriving yourself of the foods you love.

It’s about setting aside 30 seconds every evening to drink my amazing and delicious Flat Belly Slim Shake.

And I know it works for men just as well as it does for women – because I also used the same slim shake, and I melted 44 pounds off of my own waistline.

By this time, everyone in our Church wanted to know how Samantha and I were able to transform ourselves in such a short period of time.

Many of our fellow congregation members were in their 40s, 50s and 60s, with many of them being severely overweight.

They also suffered from high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension or other weight-related illnesses...

So we created our own weight loss group, where I shared my 30 second evening routine of simply drinking

The Flat Belly Slim Shake

with the people who were interested.

And within two months, the results were astounding.

More than 90% of the participants of both genders lost an average of 45 lbs and to top it off, all of them came back with healthy blood pressure readings of around 110/80.

This was the kind of reading you would expect to get from athletes in their early 20s, not men and women two or three times that age.

That was when I knew this worked for anyone… and it was only then that I felt confident enough to share this with the world.

So I made a public group on Facebook and invited 500 beta testers to try it out for just 30 days just to see what would happen.

And the results were nothing short of amazing. In fact, Here’s what some of them had to say:

Jane, 45 from Florida wrote in said:

“I can’t believe how easy this 30 second evening routine is, I just make the Flat Belly Slim Shake you tell me and drink it. That’s it. I’ve lost 20 pounds already without changing my diet or even going to the gym!

Johnson, 55 from New York said:

Can you believe my wife and I lost in total over 43 pounds in just 7 days? The only exercise we do is walk to the fridge to get your super slim shake…”

Johnson, 55 from New York said:

Can you believe my wife and I lost in total over 43 pounds in just 7 days? The only exercise we do is walk to the fridge to get your super slim shake…”

Carly, 38 from Texas emailed us:

“I haven’t been able to lose the fat I gained since having my kids almost 15 years ago. But after trying this for 4 months I’ve lost over 120 pounds! That’s on average 3 pounds a day! This is incredible!”

Initially we didn’t have a name for this amazing weight loss slim shake, but my wife decided to give it the nickname called The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake...

Yes, this name isn’t very subtle and it describes exactly how easy and powerful it is to lose weight using it.

We know it works because it’s been proven over and over again to help ordinary everyday people to quickly burn belly fat only taking 30 seconds of your time in the evening to drink.

I want to share The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake with you now, because as you age, your metabolism is slowing down with each passing day.

The weight you continue to put on becomes five, or even ten times harder to lose, especially around your belly area.

And with this comes weight-related diseases including high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer and more…

That’s one scary fact that comes with age…as the years go by, the risks of you dying from weight-related problems start to pile on at an ever-increasing rate…

I can guarantee right now, your current health level and your body’s ability to burn off fat is way below what it can be.

Using The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake it will optimize your fat burning physiology. It’s proven to turbo-charge your metabolic membranes, shrinking your waistline, and sculpting your body FAST.

So you’ll be able to try it tonight, and tomorrow morning you can step on the scale and discover that you might be two pounds lighter.

Two days from now, maybe four pounds lighter.

Six days from now, perhaps 12 pounds lighter.

I absolutely guarantee that The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake will work for you, regardless of your current weight or level of fitness.

It doesn’t matter how much weight you want to lose.

Ten pounds?

Fifty pounds?


The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake ignites your body’s ability to incinerate fat at a level previously only known to world-class athletes.

Right now you’re probably suffering from hormonal imbalances without even realizing it. This limits your energy, negatively impacts your mood, and makes it brutally hard for you to lose weight.

But this changes now.

It changes TODAY.

When you try my program today, you’ll get instant access to The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake.

And unlike other weight-loss programs that ban you from enjoying your favorite sinful snacks and delicious high-calorie meals, if you follow The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake you can have it all…

Because once you’ve activated your internal fat burning furnace, your body will torch those extra calories into thin air.

Remember, there’s:

• No exercise…

• No dieting…

• No hard work…

It’s drop-dead simple to use, as long as you have 30 seconds a day to spare each evening, this will work for you.

This is the ONLY on the legitimate weight loss method that shows you how to lose weight with zero exercise…

It is the only guide that reveals to you the secret technique used by body builders to rapidly drop targeted weight before a competition…

And it also finally reveals the “secret” of why Asians do NOT suffer from an obesity epidemic, despite living pretty much the same lifestyles as people in the West.

The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake has been proven to work for thousands of everyday men and women between the ages of 22 and 88…

But especially for people over the age of 40 who want to lose at least 10 or 20 pounds.

The reason for this is simple...

The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake solves the problem at a core level.

It’s not a temporary fix or a “band aid…”

So that once you lose your belly fat it’ll no longer be a problem anymore…

No ifs, buts or maybes...

In fact, after trying this tonight, you’ll see visible changes to your stomach and waistline within days.

Within 24 hours you might notice one or two pounds of targeted belly fat being lost – without any exercise.

Soon, you’ll be free from the embarrassment, the shame, the frustration...

Soon you’ll be able to stand proud, tall and confident, knowing that you’re effortlessly shrinking your waistline and belly fat.

Soon you’ll be able to walk on the beach with confidence, knowing that you’re fitter than you’ve ever been.

Now let me ask you, what’s going to happen to your body if you don’t take action now to reduce your waistline?

How many more unforeseen health complications will affect you, and frighten you and your loved ones?

How much more time and money do you want to waste on temporary solutions, when you could reverse the core problem and eradicate belly fat once and for all?

Medical experts confirm there is a strong, direct correlation between the size of your waist and the chances of you developing a life-threatening health condition…

And if you don’t reverse it now, it could very well cost you everything you hold dear.

Because obesity nearly killed my wife Samantha…

And when you look at the costs involved in leaving your weight problem untreated, it can be completely devastating…physically, emotionally and financially.

Trust me, our family learned the hard way, and almost paid the ultimate price.

You know my family experiences with fighting the “Belly Fat Demon” and what I had to go through to make sure YOU don’t suffer that fate...

So let me ask you a serious question…

What kind of value would you place on a simple 30 second solution to destroy targeted belly fat with zero exercise or dieting requirements?

I know thousands of people that would gladly pay a fortune for that privilege…

And just think about the time and money you have already wasted on pills, shakes, diet books, gym memberships and all the rest...

This is why students of ours have said they would pay more than $997 just to get access to these secrets…

But the good news is, I’m not asking you to pay that.

I’m just an average Joe, trying to do what’s right…

Because I know what you’re going through...

So I’m not going to ask you to pay $997.

It won’t even be $197.

In fact, it won’t be half that much…

Your only investment today is a 100% refundable deposit in the amount you see below.

This is the bare minimum I need to cover the costs of keeping this website online.

Please understand, I do need to pay monthly server costs, as well as pay our friendly Customer Support staff to be available to help you.

Only $37- 100% Money Back Guarantee!

But in the event that you’re not wildly thrilled with the results you get from The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake, your one-time deposit is 100% refundable.

This means you can email us and get every penny back at any time over the next 60 days.

As you can see, I’ve removed all the risk from you and put it on my own shoulders.

So just to put you totally at ease and make this a no-brainer, here’s our iron-clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee:

If The 30 Second Flat Belly Slim Shake doesn’t shrink your waistline and give you a flatter and more toned stomach within 60 days…

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Now, since you’ve watched this far, I know that you’re very interested. You’re about ready to take action...

But let me sweeten the deal giving you the following Fast Action Bonuses when you try my program in the next 15 minutes:

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