About Us

To transform and change the lives of men and women around the world by helping them reach and achieve their health and fitness goals.


The amount of people we've touched with our amazing program.
30 Secs


Just takes 30 seconds a day to begin the transformation.
45 lbs


On average this is the amount of weight people have lost.
500 lbs


The heaviest person to get results using this program started at 500lbs!

Meet Samantha Johnson

The doctors told Samantha that she would be dead due to complications related to her weight...

That was 2 years ago, now at the age of 47 and after 3 kids she is now fitter, more vibrant and has the flattest stomach she's ever had.

Samantha was the inspiration behind the creation of the EZ Flat Belly System.
At EZ Flat Belly we cover a broad variety of health and fitness topics. Our core product itself is specifically designed to take people on a journey towards creating their ideal body. This is one in which they see themselves to be and is their ultimate goal.
We place emphasis on empowering our users to live the life they want themselves following our guidelines and principles that allow them to make the right decisions when it comes to their health. This in turn leads them to becoming leaders to others and inspire the people around them.
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